Tens of thousands of people have achieved weight loss success and lowered their cholesterol with the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet. Here are some of our most inspiring SOS Success stories! Read on to gain inspiration from their incredible weight loss journeys and healthy lifestyle improvements. (Names and email addresses have been removed for privacy.)


I started your SOS program after I met you earlier this year with my brother. I am 52 years old and have never been able to lose weight on any diet before. I am thrilled with how well the SOS program works. Here is my SOS weight loss experience this year: March = 321 lbs., May = 294 lbs., July = 285 lbs., September = 276 lbs., October = 271 lbs., and November = 265 lbs. I have lost a total of 56 pounds in nine months and have not felt this good in years. Thank you, and I will keep you updated!

Dr. Surrell,

As I mentioned at my recent visit with you, I started your SOS Diet program in October of 2010. I have lost 45 pounds over the past year. What my doctor and I are so very excited about is the fact that I used to be on multiple pills for diabetes, high cholesterol, and for my high blood pressure.  I am now off all my diabetes medications, off my cholesterol pill, and my blood pressure pill is half the dose I was on before I started SOS and lost all this weight. Great to see you, and yes… I will keep you posted.

Dr. Jim,

My mother and I were at your recent SOS Diet presentation at our local library. It was very informative and we thank you for your time. I continue to follow the SOS and I feel awesome! It is a great program to help us improve our health. I used to weigh 178 pounds, and I now weigh 148 and feel like a new person. Thanks again for your time to come speak to us and for the SOS Diet program. 

Dr. Surrell,

Upon the recommendation of my doctor, I started the SOS Diet. I must admit I am very surprised at how easy it has been for me—despite all of my past struggles with food. After two months on SOS, I weighed myself to check my progress. I knew that I was feeling better and could tell that my clothes felt loose, but I was truly AMAZED to see that I had dropped 22 pounds in 2 months! I am now on my way to my goal weight, but on SOS—for the first time ever—it actually feels like I can get there!

Dr. Surrell,

We met last year when I attended your talk and I spoke with you briefly at that time. Last year I was having trouble with my stents blocking up, and then I failed my cardiac stress test. After the procedure my cardiologist informed me that I had to lower my cholesterol or I was going to have very serious problems. He recommended that I get your SOS Diet book. He got my attention, and I then started on SOS. In just three months—when he checked my cholesterol—it went from 290 to 118, and I lost 25 pounds. I also take meds, but in the past they never gave me the results I wanted. I became convinced that your diet was what I needed to change my life. This June, I had my cholesterol checked again and it is still at 121. Believe me, I recommend your book to EVERYONE.

Dr. Surrell,

I started your diet after I purchased your short and simple book about a year ago and I read it in one night. I am very tall, but I was also very overweight. I have lost 112 pounds to date and my husband has lost 30 pounds as well. I am off all medications now, and my own doctor and I are both thrilled. I also have to tell you that I’m now the picture of health.

I have not been sick ONE DAY since I started the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet.  I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration to help me with the new and much improved me. This is a new way of life for me that I truly know I can live with.

Dr. Jim,

I started the SOS Diet about three months ago because I wanted to lower my cholesterol and I was having no success AT ALL on the recommended low-fat, low cholesterol diet. My doctor then told me I had to start on cholesterol medicine, but I was not willing to do so at that time. When I started the SOS diet, my cholesterol was at 245 and I was very frustrated with no improvement at all from following a strict low cholesterol, low fat diet. After 6 weeks on the SOS Diet, my cholesterol had dropped to 227. My doctor just checked my labs again, and I am so excited to report to you that my cholesterol is now down to 180. Also, I lost my belly fat that I could never lose on any other diet before and my previously elevated triglycerides are now normal as well. Thank you, thank you! SOS works great! 

Dear Doc,

As you know, I started the SOS Diet in mid-January and I have been on it now for three months and I have lost 19 pounds. My cardiologist just checked my cholesterol and he was so excited when he told me the results. Here’s what happened in just three months:  My total cholesterol is now very low and normal at 128, my HDL went up about 20 points, and my LDL went down about 20 points. He is planning to get me off my cholesterol medicine now.  When I saw you three months ago I was also having severe knee pain—to the point that I could only walk for very short distances. Well, with my weight loss of these 19 pounds, I now have no knee pain at all, and I am walking all the time. When you told me that every pound of our belly fat puts 4 pounds of weight on our hips, knees, and ankles now makes sense to me!  I am so excited, and thank you for this simple and easy to follow low sugar, high fiber SOS Diet. Now I can really enjoy my recent retirement.


It has been five months since my doctor told me about the SOS Diet and started me on the program. I really like the book and how simple it is. I do have to say that I was skeptical, because for the past 20 years I had tried every other diet that came along—all without success. Well, I am skeptical no more! In just five months I have lost 31 pounds. And when I started the SOS Diet I was on five pills every day to treat high cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes. I am now down to one pill a day and my doctor says if my next lab test is as good as my last one, I am off all my pills!  I can now walk and exercise so much better. I could not be happier with how I now feel. Thank you so much!

Hi Dr. Surrell,

I’ve been off sugar for about 7 weeks now and have lost 19 pounds! I won’t call it a diet because I am not hungry. It’s what I eat. I feel so much better now that I am not living on sugar. People bring in high sugar goodies at work and I am not even tempted. I have more energy and I know I will feel even better when I lose 20 more pounds. Soon I am getting a one-year-old dog with lots of energy and I will start walking. A friend of mine at work recently read your book and her last report was that she has lost 8 pounds since she began SOS. I have been on so many previous diets before, without success, and pretty much just gave up.  I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hey Doc,

Well, it’s been quite a ride on the SOS Diet and I am pleased to report that I am down 35 pounds. I am on my way but not there yet. I have stuck with you on this Stop Only Sugar diet and have about 50 more pounds to go. I hope to be there by the end of summer. I just LOVE this lifestyle change!!

Dr. SOS,

In the middle of October I emailed you and told you I was following the SOS Plan—but after four weeks I had only lost a few pounds. At that time you told me to continue as I was merely on a plateau and not to get discouraged. I did continue, and I now weigh 180 pounds with a total weight loss of 65 pounds. I feel great AND I follow the easy SOS Diet plan. I am now able to walk 3 miles daily after struggling with a 3/4 mile walk when I began walking this January. I am down from my starting weight of 245 pounds from about 14 months ago and am told that I’m now a walking role model for my friends.

Dr. Jim,

I am thrilled with my early results on the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet after following it for only about six weeks. I have lost five pounds and I am right where I want to be with my weight. Even better, my five pound weight loss was due to the loss of my previously resistant belly fat. I was also concerned about my cholesterol level and my fasting blood sugar. I am so pleased to report to you that my fasting blood sugar is now down to normal and my total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides all came down, and my doctor tells me that I do not need any cholesterol medications. I am now in the SOS camp, and a very happy camper at that!

Dr. Surrell,

As you know, I previously referred my patient to you for help with her elevated cholesterol.  I am her cardiologist and she did not tolerate the statin medications.  After she met with you with, she followed the SOS Diet and is on no cholesterol medications.  After four months on your SOS Diet program I rechecked her blood work with a lipid panel.  I am almost as thrilled as she is with the following results: her total cholesterol dropped 96 points, LDL dropped 76 points and her triglycerides dropped 70 points.  Her weight loss has been an extra bonus.  My patient and I both thank you for your consultation.       

SOS Doc,
I ordered more books because I love the book and I love giving it to people and see their success!  I have lost 38 pounds and have been able to easily maintain that weight. I was diabetic and have now reversed that without medication. Currently I am off my cholesterol medication and we are testing to see if that can be permanent. Most of all, I feel so much better. Your book with exercise is my diet for life.

Hello Dr. Surrell,
Thank you for the SOS Diet book.  It has helped me so much.  I cannot wait to see you at our upcoming meeting later this month.  I have been on your SOS program since July and my 6 month weight loss is 54 pounds.  My blood sugar is down to 100, and before SOS I was taking 6 pills and 2 injections per day. I am now down to a total of only 1 pill per day.  I’ve been experimenting with cooking foods on this diet.  I made some no sugar cookies for my doctor and he loves them.  He told me I have to share my recipe with you.  Thank you again for writing this book and I must tell you that I never thought in my wildest dreams that this program would be so easy.   


This is such a wonderful diet!  I picked up a copy of the SOS Diet book recently and previously have never enjoyed eating right, such as I do now.  My cholesterol dropped from 230 to 189, and I can’t wait until my next lab work in several months because I know my blood sugar has also improved.  I used to run 250 to 350 in the evening, but now running in the 140’s or lower.  Hope to be off the pills soon. People are noticing how good I look – which is wonderful because I have lost approximately 25 pounds!  I thank you, and I feel better than I have in 10 years.  I can’t think of any food items I miss and your Fiber One and Dry Roasted Peanuts SOS Trail Mix formula can’t be beat!

Hi Doc!

It has been about nine months since beginning the simple, fun, and empowering SOS journey. I lost the bulk (no pun intended!) in the first four to five months and am more than content to stay right where I am. I have completely incorporated your short and simple SOS rules into my daily life.  What a freeing feeling to know I will never again regain the weight and inches I’ve lost! My total weight loss to date is 45.5 pounds, and I’ve dropped five to six sizes, depending on the clothes maker!  I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and without a doubt—if you had suggested one year ago that I’d be even 10 pounds lighter—well, I would have suggested that you could be without a few marbles! Your SOS program has impacted my life in so many positive ways: less aches and pains, NO more stomach aches, almost no headaches, more confidence and self assurance, and stress is handled SO much better! I’ve shared your book with so many others, and each one is experiencing different levels of healthy weight loss and improved overall health. Further, my husband’s overall weight loss stands at 33 pounds!  Another surprise is that I’ve never enjoyed food more than I do now, whether eating at home or in a restaurant. It’s a fantastic SOS adventure and again, many thanks to you. I feel as though you are the “magic pill” I would previously daydream about because I never imagined this could happen in my life.


Thank you again for speaking at our “Curves” meeting. As we discussed, I started your SOS program in January of this year and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I had tried so many other weight loss programs—and until I found your SOS book,—I had no success. They are all too complicated! Your SOS Diet book was so easy to read, and easy to follow. My family and other “Curves” members have been great support for me. I wish I had a camera when I told you I have lost 110 pounds on your SOS program this year.  Thanks again for signing my copy of the book!

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