SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet


Welcome to the SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet Program developed by James A. Surrell, M.D. The current national statistics indicate that the average person in the United States consumes approximately 150 pounds of sugar each year. Yes, you really did read it right. And guess what your body does with all that sugar…

Sugar is stored as body fat!

The SOS Diet book was intentionally written to be a very short book, easy to understand and follow. It is written for the person who wants to be able to follow a very short and simple weight loss program. This proven SOS Diet will allow you to painlessly lose 5 to 8 pounds per month (60 to 80 pounds per year, or more). If needed, the SOS Diet may also allow you to reduce your blood cholestrol levels, as so many others have done.

Are you tired of counting calories, points, carbs, and semi-famous diet spokespersons? We are too! Check out the easiest lifestyle change imaginable: Dr. Surrell’s SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet! If your waistline is sending out an S.O.S (get it?), then it’s time to buy the SOS Diet book!  Learn More

Other Diets Are Way Too Complicated!

The SOS Diest Rules
Rule 1. Low Sugar
Rule 2. High Fiber
Rule 3. No More Rules!
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SOS Real People (just like you) Success Stories

It has been five months since my doctor told me to start on the SOS Diet. I really liked the book and how simple it seemed to be. At first, I was skeptical because for the past 20 years I had tried every other diet that came along, all without success. In just five months I lost 31 pounds. Before your SOS Diet, I was on five pills every day for high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. I am now down to one pill a day and soon will be off all my pills! I now walk and exercise and could not be happier with how I now feel. Thank you for this great SOS Diet!

I've never been able to lose weight on any diet before. I'm thrilled with your easy SOS Diet program. Here's my SOS weight loss this year: March = 321 lbs., May = 294 lbs., July = 285 lbs., Sept = 276 lbs., Oct = 271 lbs., and Nov = 265 lbs. I have lost a total of 56 pounds in 9 months!

I purchased your SOS Diet Book and read it in one night. I'm very tall and was very overweight. To date I've lost 112 pounds and couldn't be happier. I'm off all medications and my doctor and I are both thrilled. I've not been sick one day since I started SOS. I can't thank you enough for SOS and for your inspiration to help me create the new and much improved me!

Thank you for previously speaking at our “Curves” meeting. After you spoke, I started your SOS program and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I had tried so many other weight loss programs and none of them worked. Other diets are way too complicated. Your short and simple SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet Book is so easy to read—and the diet so easy follow—and this is why I have had such great success. It was great to see you recently, and I was thrilled to be able to tell you that I have lost 110 pounds on your SOS Diet program this year.  Thank you for signing my SOS book!

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